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Our Story

Our Director, Karpa Singh, noticed that the majority of business in the payments industry was monopolised by large corporates who had no qualms about using loopholes to blindside their clients.  

This is how PerfectPays was born! We are a company that honours our corporate social responsibility and respects the customer’s right to be given exactly what they’re promised.  

While we are a corporate structure by definition, our success comes from recognising opportunities in local markets and understanding the individual identity (and needs) of every business we work with. 

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Our Values

Our core values at PerfectPays are Integrity, Neutrality, and Equality:


PerfectPays strives to provide the best solutions in the industry - that's why integrity is very important to us.

We are committed to providing a quality service that you can rely on, so you can rest assured that we are always upfront with you.

We believe in complete transparency; you will always know exactly what you are getting from us, and we in turn will ensure that your trust is rewarded. 

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We care deeply about being neutral, which means we never enter into interactions with pre-conceived judgements and prejudices. Being open-minded to new ideas and practices has allowed us to grow rapidly, so we are committed to learning all we can to best meet our clients’ needs.  

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We love people, and here at PerfectPays we consider everyone, from our Director to our interns, to be equal. We treat our partners and customers with the same level of respect and devotion with which we treat our families and friends. We believe this fosters a culture of collaboration and encourages everyone to meet their potential.

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